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70 Kg


170 Cm




Recommended Bodyboard Size 41.5
Recommended Bodyboard Core NRG+


A wide range of bodyboards

Tom Morey invented the bodyboard in 1971. This what it has now become: The ultimate wave-riding craft, accessible & extreme at the same time. Whether you call them bodyboards or boogie boards, whether you’re seeking extreme sensations or just a bit of fun during summer, we’ve got you covered.
Bodyboard Center carefully choose its bodyboards to provide its customers with the best brands available as well as top quality models. If you need any advice, you can contact us or check out our "How to choose your bodyboard" page.

Our selection at Bodyboard Center

Our selection at Bodyboard Center, includes a wide array of bodyboards, in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes and materials. It will satisfy any prone, dropknee or even stand-up riders. Our selection even features the new Inflatable bodyboards. We make a point of picking only the very best bodyboard brands, such as Pride Bodyboards, Stealth, Drag Board Co, Found Board, NMD, Versus and Hubboards, as well as the best products, in order to make your decision making easier.
Nonetheless, choosing its bodyboard remains a tough one. An inch too long, wrong materials or even an inadequate shape and the outcome can dramatically change. Therefore, if you need any advice, feel free to contact us or check out our "How to choose your bodyboardpage. Our team of passionate bodyboarders has the knowledge you need and will answer you as soon as possible.