How to choose

The choice of bodyboard wetsuit depends on how you use it and above all the water temperature.

The colder the water, the thicker the neoprene. For example, in winter in France the water is between 10°C and 13°C so boarders would favour a 4/3. Between 15°C and 20°C and 3/2 would suit most bodyboarders and above 20°C a shorty or steamer would suffice.
> 22 °C> 72 °F1 mm
19 °C - 22 °C66 °F - 72 °F2/2
15 °C - 19 °C59 °F - 66 °F3/2
12 °C - 15 °C54 °F - 59 °F4/3
9 °C - 12 °C48 °F - 54 °F5/4

Another important criteria to take in to account is the size of the wetsuit.

It is important to choose the size of your wetsuit according to your build. A correctly sized wetsuit will allow you save energy when paddling.

You can check out the cut of each brand to choose the one that suits you best.

The details and finishing touches are the last criteria of choice and comfort.

A stretch neoprene will allow greater freedom of movement.
Liquid tape on the seams will strengthen the seam and therefore the lifetime of the suit.
Fleece interior panels provide a feeling of comfort and warmth.

The team at is happy to advise and guide you on the choice of wetsuits adapted to your use.
Advice from Jeremy Arnoux :

“ Sensitivity to the cold depends on each person. If you are sensitive to the cold, do not hesitate to use socks to limit the loss of heat. ”