How to select

Bodyboard fins have different characteristics for you to consider and are divided into two distinct categories


Dropknee riders more often seek these fins because they typically have shorter blades. These shorter blades tend to be more manageable for dropknee riders to get up in the proper dropknee stance on their board.


This iconic fin design has become representative of bodyboarding the world over with its nature inspired dolphin shape design.

When choosing the right fin for you it is important to keep in mind the design, rigidity, and style that will best fit your riding and water temperature.

Typically, the more rigid the fin the more power and acceleration it will deliver with more effort. Additionally, the opposite may be true when utilizing a less rigid fin design resulting in less power and acceleration requiring less physical exertion to maximize the fins performance.
Gear guide from Jeremy Arnoux, Bodyboarder and pride lab engineer :

“I prefer to use more supple or less rigid fins for when the waves are pumping andI know that it may become one of those marathon sessions. More specifically for competition and bigger surf I prefer to use more rigid fins for their added performance of speed and acceleration when I need it.”

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