Show room...

Our show room features wooden modules designed to stock and present a wide selection of the latest boards from PRIDE, STEALTH, QCD, ERIZOS, DRAG and FOUND. Each of the featured boards is accompanied by a table showing the dimensions of the boards allowing customers to compare the boards to more easily select the board that will best suit them.

We also feature a wide selection of fins such as VULCAN, STEALTH, Dafin, KICKFIN and ORCA as well an area to allow you to try the fins before purchasing them.

We also stock: T-shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops and board shorts featuring the latest collections from PRIDE, NMD and VS.

Finally, we feature the first virtual shaping room to allow you to design and order your custom PRIDE bodyboards. Additionally, a great feature of the virtual shaping room is the freedom it allows you to select many options that are not available on the website such as plank thickness, channels, concave etc. as well as receiving hands on guidance on the benefits and drawbacks of your choices from one of our passionate and talented staff.