More than a store, BODYBOARD CENTER today is the home of hardcore bodyboard culture with videos, clothes and products to satisfy all of your bodyboarding needs. BODYBOARD CENTER has become a global leader in bodyboarding culture and products driven by the inspiration of its dedicated employees with the collaboration and insight from some of the best bodyboarders in the world. Located in the hotbed of bodyboarding talent and culture in the South West of France and online at bodyboardcenter.com is always open to help deliver superior products and inspiration the world over.

BODYBOARD CENTER is the subsidiary company of NAPCO and expresses their vision of bodyboarding through their e-shop that you can find at bodyboardcenter.com.
Featuring exclusives, previews, limited editions are qualities that make visiting the Bodyboard Center every bodyboarders dream. Our staff love the opportunity to share ideas, talk about products as well as talk about the forecasts and the sandbars that are happening in the region whenever you stop by.