Miguel Adao joins Bodyboard Center and Stealth Army teams

lundi 30 mars 2020 | bodyboard / bodyboarding / portugal / nazare / supertubos / bc+ / stealth / miguel adao / europe

Alongside Chile, Tahiti or the Canaries, Portugal is one of those countries where a bunch of talented humans hail from when it comes to riding a boogie. Reason why is that Portugal’s coastline is one huge playground producing some of the best waves a bodyboarder could dream of. 

Among the numerous skilled bodyboarder Portugal produces, there’s one guy that has raised ours and Stealth’s eyebrows for quite a while now and that is Miguel Adao. We believe he is one of the most technical and stylish young riders in Europe at the moment. Indeed, he combines style & power in a way that we haven't seen for a while here in Europe and it's pretty refreshing.

This clip is good proof on why he has caught our attention, it gathers old and recent footages of Miguel getting amongst some sick wedges along the Portuguese coast as well as the infamous Praia do Supertubos in Peniche & Praia do Norte in Nazaré.

Bem-vindo, Miguel.

A clip presented by Bodyboard Center & Stealth Bodyboards/Fins.

Filmed by Nuno Nóbrega

Daniel Madruga

Nuno Dias

Claudio Matias

Laura Dutra

Hélio Conde

António Saraiva

Manuel Barbosa

Edited by Simon Levalois-Bazer

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