The 2019 Arica Cultura Bodyboard recap by Pride Bodyboards

lundi 30 mars 2020 | bodyboard / bodyboarding / apbtour / highlights / arica / pridebodyboards

When it comes to comp, It’s no secret that the Arica Cultura Bodyboard has been the one contest delivering incredible waves years after years without ever disappointing. It’s the kind of contest you’re waiting all year long to stream the live from the trials to the final day, with each and every heats being mental. 

In Arica, It seems like the level of riding is just getting higher and higher every year, notably thanks to Chilean bodyboarders like Alan Munoz, Maikol Pascal or Matias Diaz pushing the limits in their backyard and proudly showing that Chile is definitely one of the world’s leading countries in bodyboarding right now.

The 2018 and 2019 edition of this event were dominated by two names we’re all familiar with, our team rider Pierre-Louis Costes  and the awesome young Hawaiian Tanner McDanniel. The two met in the final for the second time in a row with both finals being some of the most high-performance bodyboarding heats in history. 

Indeed, 2018 saw the victory of Tanner McDanniel with two perfect 10 while PLC had a 19,10 total. A year later, the scenario reignites, another impressive final with the victory this time going to Pierre-Louis Costes, his second title at Arica after the one he already had in 2017. Will the 2020 edition of the Arica Chilean Challenge hold us another domination by Pierre-Louis Costes and Tanner McDanniel? The future will tell us soon by as one could say, never two without three. If only the Coronavirus pandemic lets the organizers run the event this year!

To make you wait until the 2020 Arica Chilean Challenge, sit back and enjoy this 8 minutes jaw-dropping recap of all the action that went down at the 2019 Arica Chilean Challenge, brought to you by Pride Bodyboards.

Filmed by Matias & Nicolas Diaz, edited by Matias Diaz

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