Bodyboarding Top Destination #2 - Mexico

lundi, juin 3, 2019

It's that time of year again. Our feeds are constantly showcasing some massive beachbreaks. Riders are wearing boardshorts. It’s definitely not Europe. It’s Mexico. The swell season has started in the Pacific Ocean. Puerto Escondido is delivering big close-outs on the daily. Some will leave with a WSL Big Wave Award entry in the bag while bodyboarders like Ayaka Suzuki or Valentina Diaz enjoy their time off the APB Tour to charge huge waves and create some buzz.

Photo credit : Rute Penedo

Mexico=Puerto Escondido? It’s an easy shortcut to say the least and the last IBA contest at Zicatela in 2011 got us pretty nostalgic. Nonetheless the Pacific coast of Mexico is full of epic beach breaks, enless points and sick wedges from North to South. Stand-ups have been milking Baja California for ages now and the potential is real. You’ll find nice novelty waves in the region of Nayarit, for instance in Sayulita. We highly recommend to visit this area if there is not much swell around. Idem for Puerto Vallarta if you like partying. You’ll be pretty close to Boca de Pascuales (near Tecoman) if a swell shows up. If you’re not familiar with Pascuales yet, have another looks at Pride’s “The Mexican Mirage”. Sorry we won’t disclose the location of the right-hander wedge…

In addition to its epic waves, the culture and history of Mexico makes it an amazing country for everyone. Its food is amazing and more diverse than you’d think. Each region has its own specialties, most of the time quite simple yet delicious. Tecoman’s Carnitas (grilled meat tacos with onions and corianders) are just crazy good. Its remains of ancient civilizations are breathtaking too. We recommend you to visit Palenque and its amazing Maya temple which stands in an untouched jungle. The site is still preserved from mass tourisms. If you don’t mind the crowds you can go to Yucatan, on the Caribbean coast, and have a more common itinerary.

Gear checklist:

  • Board: Water’s warm in Indo and will vary from 22°C and 30°C. PP is mandatory, mesh would be plus. If you’re board is equipped with ISS stringer, we’d recommend to bring an ISS Carbon Flex stringer for the warmest days.
  • Fins: You’ll spend less energy in warmer water. Therefore, you can afford to use really stiff swimfins and increase your paddle power. Our pick: Stealth S2 (40% OFF) or Vulcan V2.
  • Dont forget to take some surf tees with you. The sun will burn your skin from 8AM until dawn.
  • Leash: The Pride Pin System now allows you to store your board in 2 seconds with damaging the deck of your board. Plus, PLC’s stretch fit is comfy as if you ride in a tee.
  • BoardbagPride Travel Boardbag. One of the only horizontally built boardbags. Easier to carry thru airports as it remains stiff. Can contain up to 4 boards or even only two plus all your gear.


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