Bodyboarding Top Destination #1: Indonesia

mardi, février 19, 2019

Which destination comes to your mind when thinking “surftrip”? And for bodyboarding in particular? Indonesia, Canary Islands, Chile, Portugal, Mexico, Hawaii, Tahiti and Australia are out top picks, among others. What’s the ideal gear to take away with you? Most of our team riders and staff members have been cruising around at these destinations. Therefore, we’re going to start a blog series about these key bodyboarding destinations.

About Indo:

This week, we’re going to start with Indonesia. The archipelago includes thousands of islands and has been acknowledged as a true surfing Eldorado. World class waves, known by most and now overcrowded, untouched islands, beautiful coral reefs (for what remains of it), pristine waters and one of the cheapest way of life.

What makes Indonesia different from other tropical paradise-like surfing destinations? Its geographical location.The archipelago, or at least some of its islands such as Sumatra, Java, Bali or the Mentawaii among others include thousands of kilometers of coastline, facing South-South-West and receiving dozens of swells during the South-Hemisphere winter, from April to October, from the Antarctica. It actually receives the same swell that hit Western Australia with one big difference: the swell that hit Indonesia are fully groomed and their period is way longer. It’s a usual thing to receive 20-second-period swell in Indonesia. But while French beachbreaks are not ideal to receive this kind of long period swells, thus generating more close outs than anything else, Indonesian reefs and long-period swells are the perfect match. The Bukit peninsula in Bali, from Uluwatu to Dreamland thru Padang Padang a many other waves is a perfect example of it.

Pierre Louis Costes in Bali from RIRAW tv on Vimeo.

While we can still remember videos of Pierre-Louis Costes ripping in Bali, on waves such as Padang Padang, nowadays, the crowds and the level at the lineup make it hard for the average surfer to catch a good wave and enjoy his time on the Bukit. Given the development boom generated by surfing, partying and tourism in general in Bali, we’d be tempted to go to a more exotic Indonesian destination. Hard to avoid Java’s most famous (or maybe the world’s) bodyboarding break in Watu Karung or the Sumatrian coast, showcased in PLC’s latest edit “WALUR”. Let’s hear what Pierre has to say about this stretch of coast: “This is one of my favorite part of Indonesia, shelter for some of its best bodyboarding waves. If you keep going up North, you’ll find some waves that have never been surfed. Or at least you’ll surf on your own. This is one of my top 10 surfing destination for sure. Can’t wait to get back to Indo with the Pride team this year. Finger crossed for a big swell.”

Our aim not being to reveal the exact locations of the best waves in Indo, we leave you the responsibility to find your next destination on the archipelago, depending on your time, your goals and knowing that the tourism offer goes from the most luxurious resorts to the most basic homestays.

PS: Don’t forget to eat in local cheap “warungs” (understand Indonesian local restaurant), they’re the best.


Gear checklist:

  • Board: Water’s warm in Indo and will vary from 22°C and 30°C. PP is mandatory, mesh would be plus. If you’re board is equipped with ISS stringer, we’d recommend to bring an ISS Carbon Flex stringer for the warmest days.

  • Fins: You’ll spend less energy in warmer water. Therefore, you can afford to use really stiff swimfins and increase your paddle power. Our pick: Stealth S2 (40% OFF) or Vulcan V2.

  • Leash: The Pride Pin System now allows you to store your board in 2 seconds with damaging the deck of your board. Plus, PLC’s stretch fit is comfy as if you ride in a tee.

  • Boardbag: Pride Travel Boardbag. One of the only horizontally built boardbags. Easier to carry thru airports as it remains stiff. Can contain up to 4 boards or even only two plus all your gear.

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