Sen No Sen ecofriendly wetsuits now available at Bodyboard Center

vendredi, janvier 11, 2019

The French brand, founded by Matthieu Désaphie in 1999 who has always kept bodyboarding in mind sponsoring riders such as André Botha, is now available at Bodyboard Center!

We’re stoked to announce that we received the new Sen No Sen wetsuits’ range at Bodyboard Center. After a promising first test last year retailing one of Sen No Sen many clothing collections handcrafted in Portugal, we decided to dig deeper and provide our beloved customers with some of the best neoprene on the market.

Made out of limestone neoprene for years now, they’ve just added an upcycled inner lining for extra warmth. In addition to this, they’ve also released their first Yulex (some natural rubber developed by Patagonia produced from sustainable forestry) steamers. We are definitely seduced by the idea and the vision that drives Sen No Sen.

So check out the range now! Enjoy free shipping for any Sen No Sen wetsuit, worldwide. And if you’re still wondering the meaning of ‘Sen No Sen’, it comes from Judo wrestling and implies attacking while the opponent is attacking. Attacking instead of defending, at the same time.

Photos: Hand Studio


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