List of products by manufacturer Yucca

Yucca, the symmetrical, powerful, and stylish fins.

Are you looking for high-performance swimfins with an amazing design? Discover the creations of Yucca, available for the first time in Europe. This Californian brand, essential in its sector, offers collections of symmetrical bodyboard and bodysurf swimfins, known for their versatility.

In fact, they will satisfy not only bodyboarders but also bodysurf enthusiasts, aquatic photographers, and sports rescue personnel. Additionally, they can be used by beginners as well as competitors.

These high-quality products are the result of several years of collaboration between passionate engineers and experienced practitioners. Plain or patterned, they stand out with their modern and colorful design, bringing a true touch of character to your aquatic look.

The range consists of short, ultra-maneuverable models (perfect for drop knee or stand up), or longer ones for more propulsion. Performance for all. Within these ranges, different levels of flexibility are available to meet all needs and adapt to all levels: standard, soft, and ultra-soft. Rigid (standard) fins will provide more power but require greater physical effort. They are particularly suited for strong conditions. More flexible (soft or ultra-soft) fins will be more comfortable, but with slightly less propulsion. This is ideal for small conditions and/or long sessions.

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